Supervision of Ph.D Disserations

November 2016 – January 2020

Ioanna Bantouna

Greek Foreign Policy and International Agreement Negotiations: A Realist Approach of the Macedonian Name Dispute. [In English].
Successfully defended on 16 January 2020 and graded as “Excellent”.

July 2019 – present

Katerina Sokou

A Return to Geopolitcs: Why-and How-the Greek Debt Crisis Contributed to Closer Greek-American Relations.
[In English].

June 2018 – present

Aikaterine Arvanitaki

Greek Cultural Diplomacy in the Western Balkans. [In Greek]

July 2017 – present

Dimitrios Azemopoulos

Hellenic Soft Power in Canada. [In English]

 June 2015-present

Gina Panagopoulou

Energy in the Eastern Mediterranean. [In English]

March 2011-July 2016

Antonis. P. Skotiniotis

Russia's Policies in the Caucuses and the Role of Greece. Convergence or Divergence of Interests? [In Greek]

Successfully defended on 12 July 2016 
and graded as “Excellent” 

June 2008-January 2013

Xrysa Fragkouli

European Integration and Neo-functionalism: The Implementation of European Union Educational Programs in the Balkans and Greece. [In Greek]

Successfully defended on 21 January 2013 
and graded as “Excellent”


Supervision of Master’s Degree dissertations 
(completed, submitted and successfully examined)


Micheal Mathioulakis

Alignment of Greek-US Energy Related Security Interests
[In English]


Konstantina Vlachava

 Energy Geopolitics and Geoeconomics in Shaping the USA’s Geostrategy in Asia after the ‘Shale Revolution 
[In English] 2019.